Samantha Hume is a highly skilled and experienced permanent make-up artist offering the very latest techniques in SPMU, microblading and medical tattooing.

With a lifelong passion and talent for art, Samantha studied at the University of Creative Arts Canterbury. From there she attended the prestigious London College of Fashion, bringing together her creativity and business knowledge to successfully graduate into a career in buying in the highly competitive fashion industry.

After the birth of her two children, Samantha embarked on a career in permanent make-up, training with the UK’s leading permanent make-up company, Nouveau Contour, and has never looked back. She instantly fell in love with the idea of helping men and woman change not only the way they look, but the way they feel about themselves through the art of permanent make-up.


There are few people who have mastered the art of permanent cosmetics in the same way as Samantha. With an amazing eye for detail and determining face shapes, she instinctively knows how to enhance each of her clients’ features.


Samantha is continually dedicated to updating her skills and knowledge in the field of permanent make-up. In an ongoing effort to hone her craft in an industry where techniques are constantly evolving, she regularly attends master classes in different permanent make-up techniques across the country and takes the utmost pride in offering her clients the very latest treatments and very best possible results. Her extensive skill and knowledge ensures that every client gets the best advice and cosmetic treatments available to them.


Samantha’s signature realism brow has gained her a reputation for producing some of the most realistic brows in the industry, gaining her clientele from across the UK and stretching as far as the Middle East. Her long list of regular clients is testament to her skill and her commitment to perfection.


Samantha’s philosophy is that permanent make-up is art. In an industry that’s become hugely popular it is her artistic sensibility and skill that sets her aside from her competitors and gives her a unique competitive edge. She offers a range of advanced aesthetic treatments, from her signature microbladed brows to semi-permanent make-up and medical tattooing to hair loss enhancing treatments and anti-ageing injectable and dermal fillers.

Samantha delivers life-changing, confidence-building results for her clients and helps them not only look better, but feel better.

“Nothing is as rewarding as knowing that my Permanent Cosmetics work has made a positive difference in someone’s life.”

- Samantha Hume

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