Microblading – the facts and features

Brows are being dubbed as the “beauty obsession of the decade”. As explained by the
Guardian’s senior fashion writer microblading is a kind of tattooing where tiny strokes of ink
are added to resemble hairs, a treatment that lasts up to three years.”

So what is microblading and is it really for you?

Microblading was once known as eyebrow embroidery as, much like in embroidery, each
hair stroke is carefully and individually applied using a handheld tool. Unlike traditional
embroidery, microblading is best left to the professionals and you should always turn to a
reputable, qualified expert to boost your brows with microblading.

Should I prepare for pain?

So many microblading newcomers worry that the procedure will be painful, comparing it to
traditional tattooing which can hurt, even for those with the highest pain threshold. Luckily, if you’re in pursuit of perfect brows you won’t have to endure this type of pain. Ask anyone
who has had the treatment and more often than not they’ll tell you it’s more of a scratching
sensation and whilst it can be a little uncomfortable, it’s far from painful. In fact, some
customers have even been known to nod off mid treatment! Plus, prior to your treatment, a
numbing cream will be applied to alleviate any discomfort too.

Do your research

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important you choose the right person to carry out your treatment.
Feel free to ask for images of their work, check out their website and testimonials and make
sure you know how much you should expect to pay for an experienced and qualified

Is it technically tattooing?

Kind of. Microblading is considered cosmetic tattooing as pigment is placed under the upper
layers of the skin. It’s seriously low maintenance and all you’ll need is a top up from time to
time to keep your brows looking beautiful day in and day out. Imagine all the time and effort
you’ll save by waking up with perfect brows already in place!

Will it suit me?

Microblading is a really bespoke treatment. We all have different natural colourings and
contours and this means that you want a set of brows that suit your colouring and facial
features, creating a finish so natural looking that other people won’t even be able to tell
you’ve had a little help. As our natural eyebrow hairs are different lengths and flow in
different directions, we mirror this in our advanced microblading techniques to give you really
realistic looking brows but with that Photoshopped finish.

If you’ve got any questions about microblading, check out our FAQs or get in touch.

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